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Work With Us

Why Join Our Team? 

Our goal is to make Frontiers of Hope the very best workplace you have ever worked in.


In New Zealand, too many excellent mental health professionals are burning out. Our aim is totally eradicate 'burnout' in all those who work with us. We don't just want to be innovative in the treatments we offer to our clients, we want to be innovative in how we look after our own staff.   No one on our team is left to struggle on their own.​​​

There are some mental health providers who closely guard their intellectual property, but we are not one of them! If we have better ways of doing things, we want to share this with as many people as we can, for the benefit of industry professionals ,and also for the clients they support.

What Makes Frontiers of Hope Special

Choose Your Hours

Our colleagues have the freedom to choose the kinds of clients they wish to see and the hours that work for their lifestyle.

Where appropriate, you may also choose appointment lengths. For example, a GP could offer longer appointments to clients.


Specialist Treatments

We look for innovative treatments that work for our clients and are less draining on our team members. Neurofeedback and the 'Safe and Sound Protocol' are both far less taxing on mental health professionals than many traditional treatments thus helping to minimise  workplace 'burnout'


Fair Rates of Pay

By way of remuneration, we offer pay rates equal to or marginally above DHB rates. 

Should you have sector knowledge and a skill set that would be of benefit,  we would  also be extremely grateful if you are able to volunteer your services, as this would enable us to offer more services free of charge, to those who desperately need them.


Are You Someone We Are Looking For?

​We have a mental health crisis in Aotearoa New Zealand. We need to use all available resources to address this.

We are looking to expand our team to deliver the best, kindest, lowest cost, mental health service. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, come and work with us.

We need:

Nurses or nurse practitioners, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Social Workers, OTs, Doctors, a Neurologist, an OB/GYN (we want to look at treatments for PMDD), Paediatricians (ASD, ADHD, FASD diagnoses), Psychiatrists, and people who are multi-lingual, including sign language.

We would also like to hear from people who have partial psychology, counselling or nursing degrees, as with the right training and supervision, they too can make a significant difference.

If your profession is not listed but you have another skillset that can help, you may still be able to work with us, so please do get in touch. ​The main qualities we are looking for are a passion for helping people, compassion and teachability.

We are also open to unique working relationships as we understand that some professionals may want to keep their current role and still work with us somehow. If you have a way we may be able to work together, please contact us.

More senior mental health workers are a valuable resource. We are keen to have senior staff on our team and will support them to get up to speed with our systems.

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