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About Frontiers of Hope

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Michael Hempseed

Founder  Director

Frontiers of Hope was founded in 2022 by Michael Hempseed, a well respected changemaker in the mental health sector, with the goal of becoming the most innovative and advanced mental health service provider, in New Zealand.

"We want mental health support to be accessible to everyone. We offer low-priced therapy, with clients covering some of the cost, and grants and donations covering the rest. 

We aim for innovation in everything we do, which keeps us striving for affordable, faster, more effective treatments with fewer side effects.

There are many new and highly effective treatments overseas that are transforming lives, but as yet these treatments have been unavailable, in New Zealand. Frontiers of Hope are committed to changing that by introducing these successful treatments to New Zealand and making them widely available, with the goal of using the treatments to reduce the number of people living in abject misery or dying by suicide."  - Michael Hempseed

About Frontiers of Hope Goals

Our goals are audacious and ambitious, and we need your help. We are on a mission to:

  • Bring effective but low cost face-to-face mental health services to Kiwis around the country.

  • Source funding opportunities to make some treatments free for those who need them most.

  • Ensure a meaningful reduction in the number of people who are living with depression, anxiety, and PTDS, in New Zealand.

  • Prevent at least 200 suicides in the next decade with effective, timely intervention

  • Ensure our services are available in small rural areas, as well as large center's.

  • Establish 20 satellite center's around New Zealand, each one offering neurofeedback, the 'Safe & Sound Protocol', and sleep deprivation interventions, as a minimum.

  • Have TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) available in 15 center's within 10 years, with a significant reduction in the cost of TMS sessions from $200 currently, to $25 per session

In order to realise our goals, Frontiers of Hope has to secure the best equipment and continue to attract leading industry professionals. We do this through grant makers, corporates and individual donors.

With so many Kiwi's suffering from poor mental health, every donation helps. If you are in a position to help those navigating mental health challenges, please donate now or contact us for our bank details. We are incredibly grateful for your support. ​WE simply cannot do what we do without you.

About Frontiers of Hope Structure

Frontiers of Hope was always envisioned as a charity where treatments are readily available for those in need, and free to those unable to afford them. We are working tirelessly towards this vision and to this end we have set the organisation up as a registered charity, CC61081.


As we work towards this long-term goal, we are operating as a 'not-for-profit' business, offering lower-than-usual treatment costs subsidised by grants from Trusts and Foundations and individual donations.


We aim to hold two months operating budget for emergencies, with funds additional to that, invested into expanding our service delivery.

Currently, in order to ensure we continue to build a level of sustainability, Director Michael Hempseed, is not drawing a salary through Frontiers of Hope, preferring, in the interim, to support his family through his speaking engagements.

We are committed to paying our team a 'liveable wage' which reduces the need for a 'second' job and inevitable 'burn out'

About Frontiers of Hope Values
We strive to make this the best workplace our staff have ever worked in, where they are excited to come to work each day!

As such:

  • Staff choose their own hours and we respect their chronotype.

  • Practices that increase the likelihood of burnout are not accepted.

  • Everyone is of equal value, no matter what their position within the organisation.

  • Continuing professional development is both encouraged ,and supported.

  • Our culture is one of understanding, not criticism.

  • We are supportive of our own staff's mental wellbeing.

  • There is zero tolerance of bullying or harassment, of any kind. 

Innovation is front and centre

We are always looking for new and better treatments and techniques that are:

  • Evidence based.

  • Directed towards the best possible outcomes.

  • Lowest cost and least harmful.

Compassion is at the forefront of staff and patient wellbeing

All staff follow the values in:

  • Compassionomics.

  • The Revolutionary Scientific Evidence, by Anthony Mazzarelli and Stephen Trzeciak.

All clients are treated with the utmost dignity and respect

We firmly believe:

  • All of our clients are loved by someone who would be devastated if anything happened to them. 

  • No client should ever be told 'There is nothing anyone can do for you'.

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