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Talk Therapy

How Talk Therapy Works

Talk therapies help people make sense of what they are feeling, learn ways to work through problems, and make changes to thinking, behaviour, and relationships. 

Talking to the right people can help relieve distress and improve overall wellbeing. It can be used to treat mental, emotional, personality, and behavioural disorders, and help a person find to healing from every day stresses, as well as anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Our talk therapists are specialists in helping to identify those things causing stress, and will then work with you to develop strategies and solutions to help decrease the severity of your symptoms.

Frontiers of Hope offers a range of talk therapies with social workers, counsellors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Book an Appointment now and we will work help identify which treatment/s are right for you.

Important Information


Appointments are usually one hour long but half hour sessions can also be beneficial. 


Per session:

$75 per one hour session

$40 per half hour session


Payment is due immediately following each session.

Please talk to us if you are experiencing financial hardship.

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