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Donate to Frontiers of Hope

How You Can Help

Hundreds of thousands of people in Aotearoa, New Zealand, need help. Our mission is to make the cost of evidence-based mental health treatment as inexpensive as we can, by subsidising our costs with grants and donations and supporting those New Zealanders who currently have no access to the life-altering services they need. 

We are very grateful for any financial support you can offer, to enable us to help more people, and ask that you donate to Frontiers of Hope, with however much you can afford. Big or small, every donation helps us provide much needed mental health support. 

For example; just $75 provides one free counselling session, to a person who can't afford therapy.

A $1500 donation will help a suicidal client, in need of urgent help.

Larger donations will help us purchase equipment. Smaller donations might be saved up and used towards staff training.

Whatever you can do to help, will have a significant impact for those who are currently struggling, without the most effective treatments.

What It Is Your Donation Used For?
Purchasing or renting specialised equipment

Each set of neurofeedback equipment costs about $24,000 and each Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation machine is $110,000.

But when neurofeedback shows an 84% reduction in hospitalization's, and TMS shows a 70% success rate for treating treatment-resistant depression, these costs are worth every cent! 

Every dollar donated has an impact on the equipment we can offer, it can quickly add up.

Subsidising treatments

Our goal is to make treatment affordable for everyone who needs it, no matter what their income. Your donation enables us to subsidise the cost of treatments, for our clients who are currently experiencing financial hardship. You can make a difference to the lives of people, just like you.

Operational costs

Whilst we strive to maintain modest operating costs, we incur ongoing expenses for wages, insurance, IT and admin, etc, that remain vital to our organisation's success and future growth. We know, in order to realise our vision, we must work hard to develop our community of support networks.

Many Ways You Can Help
  • Make a one-off donation, of any amount. Every bit helps.

  • Set up a regular donation -weekly, monthly or annually. A little can add up to a lot. 

  • Become a Corporate Sponsor and make a difference in your community. We'd love to chat about how your business can support us, in big or small ways.

  • Start Payroll Giving with your team.(ask your boss to join you) Ask us how.

  • Get your schools, community groups, businesses and churches involved in fundraising initiatives throughout the year. Let us know if you'd like a presentation.

  • Ensure you leave a legacy for the future, through assets or bequests to Frontiers of Hope.

  • Volunteer your time and talents. It helps enormously too.

  • Follow us on social media and tell your friends about us

  • Offer interest-free loans so we can plan for growth

  • Purchase and donate the equipment we need 

  • Purchase equipment for us to rent 

if you would like to chat about the many ways you can make a difference to those who are impacted by mental health challenges, please contact Karon today
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Donate Now

Help us make a difference


Your donation will help people in need. Thank you.

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