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Family Support

Why Seek Family Support

Families often feel lost and overwhelmed when they have a child or family member who shows signs of mental illness or has significant behavioural problems.

We offer a service where any family member/whānau, including extended family; grandparents, aunts, uncles etc, can talk to one of our mental health workers about their concerns. They may want advice about what options are available or they may want to create a specific plan about how their family can help to support you.

Family support is available to anyone; it does not matter what age the person being supported is.

Book an Appointment now and we will determine what support is right for you.

Important Information


Each session is one hour in long


$75 per one hour session.


Payment is due immediately following each session.

Please talk to us if you are experiencing financial hardship.

Other Family Support Services

There are several other family support services available in New Zealand.

Yellow Brick Road: Mental health support for families

Able Minds: Support to tangata whaiora who are affected by mental distress or addiction and their whānau in New Zealand.

Family Drug Support: Counselling and support for family/whānau impacted by the alcohol and other drug use of people they care about.

Please reach out to our team to discuss if any of these additional support services would be right for you.

Please contact Emergency Services, if you or your family members safety is at risk. Dial: 111

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