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Animal Assisted Therapy

How Animal Assisted Therapy Works

People who have been hurt badly by another person can stop trusting everyone, and this can often include therapists. 

Animal Assisted Therapy can help people with PTSD and anger, who struggle to trust people. At the moment we offer this treatment with horses and we will be adding dogs in the near future. Horses and dogs are particularly sensitive to non-verbal communication and sense our emotional and physical state. They are also highly tuned in to their environment and always prepared to respond. Working with animals; especially large ones; helps with building trust.


As this is costly service to run, we are open to having up to three people together for treatment, which would mean they can split the cost of the therapy. We also aim to secure funding opportunities for people currently unable to afford animal assisted therapy.

Book an Appointment now and we will determine whether this treatment is right for you. Please note that animal assisted therapy is currently only available in Belfast, Christchurch.

Important Information


Session are one hour in length.

Shorter sessions are not suitable.


$300 per hour. 

$150 pp for 2x people

$100 pp for 3x people 


Payment is due immediately following each session.

Please talk to us if you are experiencing financial difficulty.

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