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   Meet our Board

We have a board of governance with a wealth of sector knowledge and life experiences

The board of trustees undertakes to establish our vision, mission and values, as we grow our organisation. We are committed to; 

  • Determine Frontiers of Hopes vision and mission to set the pace for our current operations and guide future growth and development.

  • Determine the values to be promoted throughout our organisation.

  • Determine and review Frontiers of Hopes goals.

  • Determine and review Frontiers of Hopes policies.

  • Set strategy and structure for our goals 

  • Review and evaluate present and future opportunities, threats and risks in the external environment; and current and future strengths, weaknesses and risks relating to the organisation.

  • Determine strategic options, and the means to implement and support them.

  • Determine the business strategies and plans that underpin the organisations long term strategy.

  • Ensure that the organisational structure and capability are appropriate for implementing the chosen strategies.

  • Delegate authority to management, and monitor and evaluate the implementation of policies, strategies and business plans.

  • Determine monitoring criteria to be used by the board.

  • Ensure that internal controls are effective.

  • Communicate with senior management.

  • Exercise accountability  and be responsible to relevant stakeholders

  • Ensure that communications both to and from relevant stakeholders are effective.

  • Understand and take into account the interests of relevant stakeholders.

  • Monitor relations with relevant stakeholders by the gathering and evaluation of appropriate information.

  • Promote the goodwill and support of relevant stakeholders.

Michael Hempseed

Margaret Brosnan


Travis Dale

Travis is a trustee on our Board of Governance. Travis comes to us with 27 years experience as a volunteer firefighter based in Wyndham Southland. and is currently the Wyndham Fire Brigades Deputy Chief. He has dealt with a wide variety of incidents ranging from house fires, car accidents and the general emergencies you would expect a firefighter to respond to, including evacuating an entire township during a flooding response. It's through his passion to help people in an emergency, that he has become acutely aware of the traumatic stress such events can trigger, not only in victims but also first responders, Police, Ambulances and Fire Fighters. With N.Z's mental health system not currently fit for purpose, Travis was more than happy to offer support where he could and is a valable board member for Frontiers of Hope. Travis is married to Margaret with 2 boys, 15 and 10 and enjoys spending time with family, friends, hunting, fishing and the outdoors keep fit and healthy.

Michael is our Founding Director and Trustee who began with a clear vision and simple notion that everyone in Aotearoa, New Zealand, should have access to the best, most effective and affordable treatments for mental health. Well respected in the sector, he has an Honors degree in Psychology and remains active in lecturing to groups such as; the NZ Army Medics, doctors, nurses, counsellors, businesses, schools, and community groups. His first book was placed in every custody suite by the New Zealand Police. Michael is passionate and dedicated to making significant postive changes to our mental health statistics across the country. His love of travel and interest in people from all cultures has seen Michael travel to 39 countries, so far. He is married and has two sons.

Margaret is our Board Chairperson and a retired social worker, having worked for the CDHB, mostly out in the community for Older Person’s Health. More recently, she was the Liaison Officer for the Canterbury/Westland, Brain Injury Association, working with clients and liaising with ACC, MSD and numerous health professionals. Margaret was on the Board of the Petersgate Counselling Centre for 8 years. She is excited to share her wealth of experience with the Frontiers of Hope team and is particularly interested in the provision of neuro-feedback and other different modalities. Margaret and her husband, Bernard have travelled extensively, she is especially captivated by visiting Europe and Asia and found it fascinating experiencing the different cultures, particularly in the smaller villages. Closer to home, Margaret is an avid reader and enjoys gardening. She also loves spending time with her two young grandsons and their family.


Kelly Ngaronoa

Kelly is a Trustee on our Board of Governance.


Karon Storr

Karon is a Trustee on our Board of Governance and our Philanthropy and Development Manager. Since her business ownership and corporate sales and marketing positions, Karon has had a lengthy career in the charitable sector in NZ and overseas. She was the NZ Coordinator for an Australian Not for Profit in the disability sector and went on to a Funding Manager role, in early intervention. Karon comes to us having recently been the GM of a busy charitable trust in the family harm sector. She is keen to bring her extensive knowledge of the NFP sector to her role and board appointment, to ensure we maximise our impact in the mental health space. Karon has two grown children and is learning to paint portraits from her asidious Welsh Fine Arts partner.

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