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VR & Awe Therapy

How VR & Awe Therapy Works

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests Virtual Reality (VR) can be a helpful tool in therapy. VR can be used to overcome a specific phobia or in some cases OCD. It can help with fears of flying, needles, heights, public speaking, and much more.

VR & Awe Therapy is exactly what it sounds like; using VR to get someone to a state of awe. When someone is anxious or in a state of PTSD, their heart will beat very quickly and they will be in 'flight or fight' mode. When someone is in a state of awe it is the opposite of that state. More and more research shows us that if someone is in a state of awe, it can reduce their PTSD symptoms. Awe can be induced by looking at the earth from space or flying through the rings of Saturn with VR.


Book an Appointment now and we will determine whether this treatment is right for you. If you are likely to feel anxious wearing a VR headset, because you can't see what is around you, we encourage you to bring a trusted support person with you.


Please note that VR & Awe Therapy is currently only available in Christchurch.

Important Information


Sessions are typically one hour but shorter sessions may be recommended.


$75 per session, plus purchase of specialist programmes, if required.


Payment is due immediately following each session.

Please reach out to us confidentially if you are experiencing financial hardship.

Evidence Supporting VR & Awe Therapy Treatment

The Efficacy of a Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Treatment for Fear of Flying: A Retrospective Study. Amihai Gottlieb, Glen M. Doniger, Yara Hussein, Shlomo Noy, and Meir Plotnik, 15 June 2021

Study showing awe therapy and PTSD: Are You Awed Yet? How Virtual Reality Gives us Awe and Goose Bumps. Denise Quesnel, Bernhard E. Riecke. 9 November 2018.

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