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A Kind Caring Mental Health Service

About Us

Too many mental health services offer just one or two treatments in the hope that will 'fix' everyone. 

The Frontiers of Hope multidisciplinary specialist team offer a wide range of different treatment options.

We look at the whole person and not just 'what is wrong'. 

We also offer support to extended families, as they navigate challenging situations supporting family members.

All Frontiers of Hope's treatments are evidence-based, meaning they are published in peer reviewed scientific journals.

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We offer a wide range of safe, evidence-based, mental health treatments from traditional talking therapy, to new more advanced treatments.


It's been discovered that when someone has PTSD, the speech and language part of the brain (Broca's Area) does not function as well. For this reason, we have adopted many therapies that do not involve talking. We offer therapies that can calm and sooth the brain, at a much deeper level that talking alone may reach.

At Frontiers of Hope you may see one therapist for all of your treatment, or you may see different people; one for your initial intake assessment, another for help with sleep, and another for counselling.


A safe place to discuss feelings and emotions triggered by stress, illness, relationship issues, grief and loss, or the impact of a specific trauma.


A specialised sound treatment that can help people whose nervous systems are set to high alert, reducing stress, anxiety, sensory and sleep problems.


People who have been hurt badly by another person can lose trust in people, including therapists.

Animal assisted therapy has long been successful in helping people with PTSD and anger issues to regain a level of trust. 


VR can be used to overcome  specific phobias such as a fear of flying, needles, heights, and public speaking. In some cases it can also be beneficial for OCD related challenges.



A selection of recognised and helpful treatments you can do yourself or get our assistance with, in order to support your own mental health journey

Medication reviews by a medical doctor who specialises in mental health.


A revolutionary treatment that can help with anger, PTSD, anxiety, sleep issues, brain injuries and ADHD.


A service for family members to talk to a mental health worker about their concerns, feelings, and fears for their loved ones who are showing signs of mental illness or significant behavioral problems.​


New, innovative, and effective treatments we will make available through Frontiers of Hope soon.

Practice Areas

Our Intake Assessment process will determine which treatment/s are the best for you. Book an appointment now and we will contact you to set up a time.

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